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Daily maintenance of wire rope


1, because the wire rope is composed of many steel wire (for example: 8 * 19 s structure is composed of 152 with steel wire rope), under the working condition, the bending of steel wire rope steel wire produced by relative slip will produce a lot of friction, special wire rope grease can guarantee under the premise of wire rope tractive sheave and friction reducing friction between the steel wire, prolong the service life of wire rope.

2, Nantong Coredom Wire & Rope Company Limited the production of steel wire rope are specially the spraying process of initial lubrication, covered with all steel wire surface lubrication layer, such as the clean-up after the installation of steel wire surface, must be timely to lubrication after wire rope.

3, the surface of wire rope for cleaning maintenance regularly (such as half a year or to run 100000 times, depending on the use environment, the frequency increase or decrease), should not be used in the cleaning maintenance detergent kind of liquid to cleaning of steel wire rope, cable, otherwise it will affect the oil content and oil composition, and thus affect the normal use of wire rope.

4, the brush should be used when cleaning maintenance of steel wire rope, cotton yarn, such as compressed air to clean up the surface of the steel wire rope, the rope is clean, with a special wire rope grease oil to proper treatment on the surface of a steel wire rope in a timely manner.

5, excessive lubrication can make the wire rope and the friction between tractive sheave not guaranteed, on the surface of wire rope grease should be thin and uniform (according to each company for oil demand, different amount).