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The elevator wire rope safety coefficient


Elevator wire rope safety coefficient refers to the car parked at the lowest layer with rated load station, a minimum breaking load of wire rope and this rope is the most energetically, the ratio between the safety factor of the traction rope under no circumstances should not be less than the following values:
(1) with three or more than three root traction elevator wire rope of 12;
(2) with two wire rope traction elevator is 16;
(3) for drum drive elevator for 12;
(4) nominal diameter wire rope is not less than 8 mm;
(5)traction wheel or the diameter of the pulley: should be no less than 40 times the diameter of the tractive rope nominal;
(6)GB8903-1988 < elevator wire rope >, elevator wire rope using:

6 x 19 s + NF or 8 x s + NF wire rope
Performance requirements of the elevator wire rop

strength requirement of elevator traction rope strength measured by static load safety factor.