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How To Distinguish Between Different Processes Of Steel Strand


The use of Steel Strand in China's construction and the number of factories and mines in the gradual increase in people's long-term use of the process for the important role of the wire also have a more in-depth understanding. So we are engaged in the production of steel strand manufacturers more and more people in order to make the use of steel wire in their own advantages to play the most vividly in the production of steel strand, after a lot of special technology, so in the Once to improve the quality of the use of strand, making the steel wire into the production and construction of better. China's steel strand is made of a number of steel wire twisted by the composition of steel products, according to the needs of the surface of carbon steel can be a lot of processing, such as galvanized layer, zinc alloy layer, aluminum cladding, copper Layer, coated with epoxy resin and so on. These different processing of the strand, in use not only with the use of steel features, but also with other superior performance at the same time.

The type of steel strand in China can also be based on the number of stranded steel wire stranded to be divided, the number of different wires used to the environment and the role of return is different, we often use the steel strand is seven Silk structure of the steel strand. In addition, depending on the scope of application, there are many types of steel strand, such as the commonly used prestressed steel strand and the use of steel wire construction, the role of performance is very different, in the The use of a reasonable distinction between the need to use. Before the purchase of steel strand to be used, people will use the value of the strand, that is, the tensile value of the strand to a reasonable calculation, in order to facilitate the production of steel wire can bring the best use effect.

As the market demand continues to expand, and now the use of steel industry is more and more, in different applications, the actual demand for the strand is not the same. It is precisely because of this, now we can be in the market access to the kind of strand or a variety of. When we buy this product, how to choose to be more suitable for their own goods, is a very important issue; it is because the scope of application of steel wire is relatively large, so there are many manufacturers of steel strand, in the Competition, driven by many manufacturers in the production may be cut corners of the situation, in order to expand their profits, but the risk is so great, so we choose to choose the trust of the manufacturers, if you need long-term use This product, you can and more formal large-scale manufacturers to achieve long-term cooperation relationship, so that you have purchased the goods to have the quality of the guarantee.

 Strand is made of multiple steel wire steel products, in the purchase of steel strand, we should pay attention to the choice of regular manufacturers, only the formal manufacturers to produce the quality of the stranded steel strand; strand in the production process Which can be divided into single-wire manufacturing and strand manufacturing, when the production of monofilament will be used to wire drawing technology, according to the different materials can be divided into high-carbon steel wire rod, stainless steel wire rod or low carbon low-cut, if needed Galvanized, it should be in the monofilament plating or hot-plating treatment, you can achieve the desired effect, the strand in the manufacturing process which also need to use the stranding machine will be twisted into a number of wire products, prestressed steel strand also The need for continuous formation after the formation of stable processing, and ultimately the product successfully completed.